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  Ningbo Junan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. elite pool of domestic science and technology, conduct extensive international cooperation, access to a variety of advantages of resources to cancer patients for China to provide quality medical radiation therapy and nuclear medicine high-tech products and technical services as their responsibility.

  1999, to Junan cancer radiotherapy within the Institute for the start, taking the lead in promoting domestic iodine radioactive particles into the treatment technology organizations.

  October 2000, the number of employed domestic radioactive substances, nuclear physics, radiation and chemical experts in the field of radiological protection developed jointly organized team, in Shanghai for the establishment of the laboratory of iodine sealed sources of radioactive seeds in the core preparation and Shell closure welding technology depth research, and eventually formed a completely autonomous core patented technology and other intellectual property rights.

  After environmental protection, public security, health, fire, the relevant departments Drug Administration monitoring and assessment of the administrative examination and approval and acceptance, Ningbo Junan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2002 in Ningbo Economic and   Technological Development Zone now has built the largest of iodine sealed source of seed production lines, the annual production capacity has reached 300,000. A defense of the Commission, the State Office of the IAEA isotope sentinel project management of radioactive drugs specializing in the production of enterprises. And a "radioactive pharmaceuticals production license" and "radioactive pharmaceuticals business license," the source in the sealed seed production   enterprises in the first to receive GMP certification. JA-seed products of iodine seed source was sealed in November 2004 menstrual State Food and Drug Administration approved listing. (Approval of the text: State Yao Zhunzi H20041695)

  Ningbo Junan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. strict implementation of GMP regulations, an international first-class production equipment and radiation protection facilities. In particular, the company owned the franchise, "Micro-ion" of titanium welding technology to ensure that no radioactive leakage products, non-welding the first uneven, non-radioactive surface contamination. And company-specific "Silver Slugger halogenated" Technology will significantly reduce the company's production of each cycle, but also make each batch of seed production is guaranteed source of the activity in the pre-set within the same grade. Product quality and technology level comparable to the world's most advanced factory sealed seed source.
2005, the company invested heavily in building cleanliness reached 10,000, local reach the 100 level radioactive injection in small-capacity production workshop. In this high-tech GMP workshop,   we have successfully developed a bone tumor analgesic for the treatment of strontium chlorideinjection.


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